Stencil patch

Sometimes a band you love just doesn’t make patches, or they simply don’t have any merchandise to buy because aren’t together anymore. The latter is the case for one of my favourite speed metal bands, Znöwhite. For almost two years, I’ve had a printout of their band logo from their 1984 EP, All Hail to Thee. Originally my intention was to embroider the logo onto a jacket, but I honestly have never done embroidery, so I chose to try something else. Make a stencil!


  • printout of the band logo
  • thick paper
  • tape
  • cutting mat
  • X-ACTO knife
  • metal ruler
  • felt brush
  • paint
  • old jeans
  • scissors
  • thread
  • needle


STEP ONE: Tape the printout of the logo onto the thicker piece of paper and place it on top of your cutting mat. (Winnipeg friends: I bought a piece of leather for $3.50 from Warkov Safeer to use as my cutting mat.)

STEP TWO: Using the ruler as your guide, cut along the edges of the logo using the X-ACTO knife. Make sure you use enough pressure to cut through both pieces of paper… and watch your fingers! (I recommend using a metal ruler. I found that my knife was cutting into my wooden ruler and shaving pieces off of it.)


STEP THREE: Go over your cuts with the X-ACTO knife for any parts you may have missed and punch out the letters. You may need to remove any excess paper with the knife to make the stencil cleaner.


STEP FOUR: Place your stencil over the old pair of jeans and cut out the material you want to use. For this project, I used the bottom half of a pant leg.


STEP FIVE: Tape your stencil onto the material, including the small bits (which for my stencil are the inside of the Z, O, and E.)


STEP SIX: Pour a little bit of white paint onto your felt brush and paint in your stencil! Make sure you hold down the paper so it’s as close to the material as possible. Otherwise, as I learned, the paint will bleed underneath the stencil.


STEP SEVEN: Remove the stencil and do some touchups with black paint if need be.

STEP EIGHT: Cut out the patch and sew it onto your vest, jean jacket, or whatever you want!


Have a question or want to leave some feedback? Leave me a comment!


One thought on “Stencil patch

  1. Found this while looking for a Znöwhite patch, haha. Might have to follow your lead. I’ve done a lot of stenciling and there’s a trick that adds an extra step but it’s worth it for a more detailed stencil (not that yours needed it). You use freezer paper (the stuff that comes in rolls like baking paper or aluminum foil, that has a plastic coating on one side) and print the logo/whatever on the paper side. Then you position the stencil on the material and iron it. The heat causes the plastic to seal to the material and prevents that paint bleeding problem. When the paint’s dry it comes right up without leaving any residue or anything.

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