Bamboo arrangement

Being half Chinese, I’ve grown up with an affinity for Chinese decor, architecture, and plants. I haven’t had much luck maintaining many indoor plants other than lucky bamboo, since all they really need is a little light and water. (Mind you, it’s been argued that bamboo grows better in soil.)

Some bamboo arrangements are pricey and can cost from $20 upwards to $60. As someone who currently doesn’t have a job, is in full-time classes and is generally frugal, I certainly can’t afford spending that much. But what’s awesome is that local grocery stores sell bamboo stems for super cheap, which makes it really easy to make your own arrangement for under $10. Yay!


  • lucky bamboo (Safeway)
  • glass vase (thrift store or dollar store)
  • stones (dollar store)


STEP ONE: Hold the lucky bamboo in the center of the vase and place the stones around the bamboo. (I don’t recommend pouring the stones in haphazardly in case the vase breaks or cracks.)

STEP TWO: Fill the vase with room temperature water right to the top of the rocks.


STEP THREE: Place your beautiful new arrangement near a window… but not in direct sunlight!


Aside from gathering all the items, this project took me five minutes in total. So fast and simple!


Tell me what you think!

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