Gratitude journal

With a new year beginning, I’ve decided to start a fun mindfulness project that helps me appreciate the small things in life. Being busy with school and dealing with anxiety can make it pretty easy to forget how privileged I really am. So I figure… why not keep a gratitude journal?

According to Harvard Health Publications, expressing gratitude can help people feel more positive emotions, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. I’m sure these are things we could all use more of.


  • a blank journal or notebook
  • colourful markers
  • a pen


STEP ONE: Decorate the cover with stickers and doodles, then label it “2017 Gratitude Journal” or whatever you’d like.


STEP TWO: On the inside front cover, write a quote about gratitude or your favourite song lyrics. Or decorate it more with doodles or stickers. Get creative!


STEP THREE: Write down the date and at least five things you’re thankful for. Don’t overthink it! They can be very simple things like having running water, Internet access, or a comfy pillow to rest you head on every night. It’s just important you remember to write them down, so try and do it at the same time each day: right before bed, or right when you wake up. Whenever works best for you.


You can also write things that made you laugh or made you happy that day, don’t feel limited to just things you’re thankful for! Anything positive goes.

And when you’ve had a crappy day or you’re just feeling down, open up your journal and read some of your past entries. Life can be complete gong-show, but hopefully, this journal can help attract a little bit more positivity and happiness.

What kind of things do you do to stay happy? Share your practices and thoughts in the comments!


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