Decorating with vinyl

Old vinyl records are almost everywhere. Garage sales, second-hand stores, flea markets, and maybe even your folk’s house. If it’s not a super rare vinyl, like Eternal Nightmare, they’re usually sold for relatively cheap at thrift stores… one for a dollar, or even two for a buck. This makes vinyl records a low-cost and super easy way to decorate your apartment or house.


  • vinyl records
  • nails
  • hammer
  • pencil
  • a chair or stool

STEP ONE: Pick a wall that you want to decorate. You can choose to scatter them randomly on the wall, or you can line them up in a row right where the wall meets the ceiling. I personally like the look of records lined up in a row at the top of the wall. It makes the room feel bigger.


STEP TWO: Hold a record at the corner of the wall and mark the spot where the nail will go with a pencil. Or you can just hold the record and hammer the nail in at the same time. Whatever works best for you.


STEP THREE: Hold up another record and nail it in place. You can choose to leave a little bit of space between each record, or you can put them right beside each other.


As you can see, I was one vinyl short for the length of this wall, but luckily there’s a Salvation Army close to school. (:

Also, if you’re anal and you want the records to line the wall *perfectly*, I suggest measuring the wall and determining how much space should be in between each vinyl.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or smart-ass remarks you want to make? Do it in the comments!


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