iPod Classic protector

A few years ago, a partner gifted me an iPod Classic for my birthday. I love it. The thing never seems to runs out of space. Maybe it’s because I don’t own a lot of CDs or download a bunch of music, but regardless, it’s great.

In 2013, I went to a Skeletonwitch show at The Zoo and got a wristband from their guitarist. I’m not involved in sports, and I don’t play instruments (on a regular basis at least) so I made it into a protector for my iPod. You can make one too, very easily!


  • 6 safety pins
  • standard sized wristband

STEP ONE: Fasten two safety pins at the top of the wristband, leaving just enough room the iPod to move in and out.


STEP TWO: Fasten four safety pins at the bottom to make sure the iPod can’t go anywhere. Make sure to leave enough room for the charger cable at the bottom.


Your iPod will fit so perfectly and won’t get arbitrarily scratched when you’re moving it around from your pocket to your backpack or purse. The wristband also protects the iPod from moisture. (That’s what brought my last MP3 player to its untimely demise.)

If you own an iPod Classic, I would highly suggest investing in a wristband and MacGyvering an iPod protector for yourself!


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